About music therapy

What is music therapy and what to expect?

Music and sound are in the very essence of our existence. All humans are born with the ability to respond to sound, and with a need to express their own.

In the core of a music therapy session is the musical interaction between people; based on their experience, intuition and learned skills, the therapist works with the client in a non-judgmental, stress-free, holistic way which supports and enhances their well-being. Focus goals are established early in the assessment process of the therapy, to determine the ‘clinical’ direction the therapy takes. These can be about the clients’ recovery, developmental growth (physical, neurological, mental, behavioural), as well as developing skills – communicational, social, creative. All sessions are tailored to match the clients’ strengths, interests, needs and personality.

Who is music therapy for?

Sessions are offered for people of all ages and abilities, and are designed personally to fit the client’s needs. No musical experience is necessary; music therapy sessions are not music lessons. However, musical learning will naturally often be gained in the process of playing together during the therapeutic intervention.