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About Yair Katz:

“If you observed the [music therapy] classes they would probably appear unstructured,” explains Daniel. “But his therapist Yair works to specific goals each year, and that unstructured element has been really important because kids on the [autism] spectrum really struggle with any kind of pressure.”

Mum Adele Faughey says the way in which Yair is able to connect with Xavier is “incredible”. “It’s on a different level to the way anybody else had been able to before.”

“It’s got to a point where they almost jam together,” she says proudly. “Xavier can feed off Yair and vice versa, and Xavier will listen to Yair and try and play with him rather than taking full control, which is quite a big thing for him.”

Daniel adds, “Yair is the closest thing Xavier has to a mate, because he’s not really interested in people but he certainly looks forward to that.”

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